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How does it work?

Leased proof-of-stake (LPoS) allows Waves holders to profit by using their balances to secure the network whilst retaining full control of their funds.

Leased WAVES remain in the full control of the account holder, and can be transferred or exchanged at any time.

In the Waves Lite Client go to the Lease tab (the L at the top).

Enter the recipient address (3P5jnBJ1KffwjAX7Ftw4GDgvmkFr1oB7yjD).

Enter and the amount of Waves to lease.

Hit the “Lease” button.

The network only recognizes the Lease after 1000 blocks have passed. From then on you just need to wait for your rewards to be sent every two weeks. You can of course cancel the Lease at any time.

The earnings from a Lease are not fixed. Forging in Waves is modelled after the Nxt Forging Algorithm. It works more or less like this:

The probability for the generator to create a block depends on the stake of the pool. Probability = Total generating stake / Pool generating stake. The higher the stake the higher the probability for generate blocks

The fees for each transaction contained the mined block are transferred to the generator of that block. The fees in each block vary. Some fees might be paid in assets, some fees are higher (DEX operations and token creation)

In the past, Waves Platform project wanted to reward nodes without increasing WAVES supply with new blocks of coins. So Miners Reward Token (MRT) were distributed to miners every block. This is not the case anymore. Right now a lot of airdrops are meant to incentivize people to hold Waves.

We can only provide an estimate, but imagine you have 10k Waves (the minimum to run a pool), currently you should earn profit of around 5% on your holdings annualy. Of course this will rise as soon as the Waves platform starts to fully use the capabilities of smart assets and more transactions are processed.

With the hokusai.ch pool you will get 100% Waves as if you would be mining yourself, without the hassle of maintaining a pool. You will receive payments weekly and you will just be deducted the transfer fees for your payout.

Other pools have implemented a policy where they distribute only 95% of revenue. This is not fair because some leasers will pay for other leasers costs. Please keep in mind that if you leased a very small amount maybe you won’t have enough to cover transfer costs…

For the time being we perform fee distribution for our leasers every two weeks. The transfer with your share will arrive on a Friday.. We are still developing our API, the first feature to be released will be pay on demand, you will be able to transfer your rewards whenever you decide.

You may prefer to hodl your gains in the pool and increase the pool stake, or to transfer your gains to your personal wallet whenever you like (as long as the amount is over the transfer fee of course).

While our API is not available we are using the technology we built to bring you some static stats and graphs. Also, you can use openly available tools to explore the Waves Blockchain. These tools are provided by the Waves platform and from third-party developers contributing to the ecosystem.

Using the Waves Explorer you can examine any address, transaction or block. And of course you can do that for the hokusai.ch pool address.

Using the dev.pywaves/generators report you can have an idea of the performance of the existing Wave pools.

Leasing is novel feature in the Waves platform, and it's perfectly safe. Don't take our word for it, this question has been asked many times. Google it!

Why hokusai.ch

Security, compliance and transparency are important to us.

The pool runs in an isolated and locked down VPS.

Our operations are based in Switzerland, where the regulatory enviroment is favourable.

We are a team of development, design and finance experts.

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