hokusai.ch Waves pool

100% reward minus mass transfer fee
Payouts every 60 Waves mined

Current round started after block 3254502 at 2022-08-17T23:05:21
Generating balance: 94540.45

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How does it work?

Leased proof-of-stake (LPoS) allows Waves holders to profit by using their balances to secure the network whilst retaining full control of their funds.

Staked WAVES remain in the full control of the account holder, and can be transferred or exchanged at any time.

Just access waves.exchange, click "Investments" at the top and then "WAVES Staking". You'll find a "Stake WAVES" button there, hit it.

Select Hokusai in the list or enter manually our address: 3P5jnBJ1KffwjAX7Ftw4GDgvmkFr1oB7yjD.

Enter and the amount of Waves to stake.

Hit the “Stake WAVES” button and that's it.

The network only recognizes the Stake after 1000 blocks have passed. From then on you receive your rewards everytime we mass transfer earnings, everytime the pool reaches 500 Waves mined. The more users on our pool, the higher the frequency of payouts. You can of course cancel your stakes anytime.

Whenever you cancel a stake, you lose your share for that amount for the ongoing round.

With the hokusai.ch pool you will get 100% of the Waves mined by the pool minus the mass transfer fees.

The mass transfer fees are the cost of the transaction to the network. It's usually under 0.1 Waves for the whole payout value for all transactions in a round.

You will receive payments everytime 500 waves are mined by the pool.

The more waves and lessors staked on Hokusai pool, the higher the frequency of the payouts.

The earnings from a Stake are not fixed. Forging in Waves is modelled after the Nxt Forging Algorithm.

The probability for the generator to create a block depends on the stake of the pool. Probability = Total generating stake / Pool generating stake. The higher the stake the higher the probability for generate blocks

The fees for each transaction contained the mined block are transferred to the generator of that block. The fees in each block vary. Some fees might be paid in assets, some fees are higher (DEX operations and token creation)

We can only provide an estimate, from past data, about 5%.

The more the waves network is used, the higher the fees and higher the rewards staking Waves gives you.

Use and recommend https://waves.exchange/, the more the users, the higher the rewards for miners/stakers.

Hokusai will mass transfer earnings everytime the Waves mined in a round is over 500 waves. Everytime a transfer happens, stats will be published on the twitter account and the telegram group will be notified.

Whenever you cancel a stake, you lose your share for that amount for the ongoing round.

Using the Waves Explorer you can examine any address, transaction or block. And of course you can do that for the hokusai.ch pool address.

Using the dev.pywaves/generators report you can have an idea of the performance of the existing Wave pools.

Following us on twitter and telegram.

Yes, your funds will always be on your account and you can cancel your stakes anytime.

Whenever you cancel a stake, you lose your share for that amount for the ongoing round.

We strive to be as open as possible regarding pool governance and policies. These principles are embedded in all we do:

  • our Waves node runs in an isolated and hardened server to guarantee operational security;
  • all of our accounting and payout activities are done with freely available tools, they have been built by us and tested with the help of the community;
  • we regularly issue updates on Twitter regarding the pool's operation, it's also possible to reach us directly of course, feel free to get in touch for any additional questions and/or suggestions.

    Why hokusai.ch

    Security, compliance and transparency are core values to us. We are strongly committed to advance cryptocurrency technology and bring it to global use.

    Blockchain technology is very exciting, and Waves is particularly suited for our research. That's the the reason for our investment into the ecosystem, we're researching into oracles and smart contracts, we want to be active in building the world of tomorrow, with you.

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